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Article takes you to understand the enameled wire industry

The enameled wire industry is currently changing the traditional industry with low concentration and low-end products. In the future, it will gradually move towards high-end enameled wires and special enameled wires to increase R & D investment. In the raw material side, it will be aligned with and matched with the transformation and upgrading of our manufacturing industry. With the adjustment of China's industrial structure, it will bring a new round of growth driving force to the enameled wire industry. At the same time, the product quality and industry concentration will further improve the past and present product overview and development history of enameled wire. Enameled wire is a major type of winding wire. It is made of a metal conductor with a conductive inner core, and is coated with a polymer insulating layer. It is mainly composed of these two parts. It is the conversion of electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy, thermal energy, acoustic energy, light energy or mechanical, thermal, chemical, acoustic, and light. Functional materials that convert energy into electromagnetic energy. It is the main material used for winding electromagnetic coils in industrial motors (including motors and generators), transformers, electrical instruments, power and electronic components, power tools, household appliances, and automotive appliances. The conductor part of the enameled wire is annealed and undoped pure metal such as copper and aluminum. In some cases, copper alloy, gold, silver, nickel, stainless steel and other materials are also used. Depending on the working voltage and temperature, poly AN is often used. Polymers such as esters, polyesters, polyesterimines, and polyimides are used as insulating film materials for winding metal wires of electromagnetic coils.