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The pinhole of the multi-strand enameled wire is defective or OK

Operation method of multi-strand enameled wire

Enameled wire is the  widely used electromagnetic wire produced by low-voltage products. One of the key performance requirements of this electromagnetic wire is the continuity of the paint film, that is, the number of pinholes of the paint film under a certain length. When viewing the number of pinholes, use a professional paint film continuity tester. The fewer the number of pinholes, the better the integrity of the paint film of the electromagnetic wire.

To detect the shortcomings of the pinhole, the principle of high-pressure leakage is selected, and the electromagnetic enameled wire is contacted with the high-pressure concave wheel in a semi-envelope manner. When the thickness of the paint film is insufficient or there are serious bare copper defects, the instrument will record the specific Number of shortcomings.

The reasons for this shortcoming can be basically divided into two categories, one is the incompatibility of copper, that is, the molded wire core has more burrs, perhaps the raw material itself, or the drawing process; another reason may be It is caused by uneven coating, impurities in the paint, the quality of the paint itself, and dryness after painting.

As a manufacturer of motors, should pay special attention to this performance, because this shortcoming is very simple and causes the motor to turn faults, which seriously affects the service life of the motor.

Although the quality of enameled wire depends largely on the quality of raw materials such as lacquer and wires and the objective situation of machinery and equipment, if a series of problems such as baking, annealing, speed, etc. are not taken seriously in operation and the relationship between them is recognized , Without mastering the operation technology, not doing the touring work and the parking and packing work carefully, not doing the process hygiene well, even if the objective condition is no matter how good, the high-quality enameled wire cannot be produced. Therefore, the decisive factor for a good enameled wire is the person, and the person's sense of responsibility for the work.

1. Before starting the catalytic combustion hot air circulation enameling machine, the fan should be turned on to make the air in the furnace circulate at a slow speed. The furnace and the catalytic zone are preheated with electric heat to make the temperature of the catalytic zone reach the prescribed light-off temperature of the catalyst.

2. "Three inspections" and "three inspections" in production operations.

1) The amount of diligent paint film is measured once every hour, and the zero position is measured before the thousandth card is measured. When measuring the line, the microcard and the line adhere to the same speed, and the large line should be measured in two perpendicular directions.

2) Diligent calibration cable often investigate the back and forth cable and tension, and promptly proofread. Check if the lubricant is appropriate.

3) See the appearance frequently often investigate whether the enameled wire is in the coating process for any undesirable phenomena such as graininess and paint stripping. Find out the reason and proofread immediately. For the bad products on the car, timely release the axle.

4) Check the operation Check whether the running parts are normal, pay attention to the tightness of the pay-off spool, and avoid the rolling head, wire breakage and wire diameter thinning.

5) Check the third degree According to the process requirements, check the temperature, speed and viscosity.

6) Check raw materials Continue to pay attention to whether the raw materials meet the technical requirements during the production process.

3. In the production operation of enameled wire, attention should also be paid to the problems of explosion and fire. There are several types of fire:

First, the whole furnace is completely burned, often because the steam density of the entire cross-section of the furnace is too large or the temperature of the furnace is too high; second, because of the excessive amount of paint on several threads when threading, it causes several threads to catch fire. To avoid fire, the temperature of the process furnace must be strictly controlled, and the ventilation of the furnace must be smooth.

4. Packing up after parking

After parking, it mainly refers to cleaning the old glue at the furnace mouth, cleaning the paint cylinder and guide wheels, and doing a good job in the enamelling machine and the surrounding environmental sanitation. In order to maintain cleanliness in the paint bath, if you do not drive immediately, cover the paint bath with paper to avoid the introduction of unclean materials.