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Round Enamelled Copper Wires

Round Enamelled Copper Wires are copper wires with an insulation coating which are wound into a coil and used in electrical machines like motors, generators and transformers. Enamelled copper wires are also called magnet wires and they are a key component in transformers, inductors, electric motors, and electronic appliances. They are made from copper or aluminum as the conducting metal and they have a layer of enamel on them that protects the copper conductor from environmental factors.

Enameled copper wire is very durable and can withstand the high temperature, vibration and mechanical stresses during the operation of the electrical machine. It can also resist the chemical effects and corrosive agents. It is a very useful product and has a wide application in the electrical industry.

The current market situation of the enamelled copper wire industry is that there are more and more enterprises. Some of them are small and medium-sized enterprises with backward level of technology, equipment, management and capital strength. Some of them have a poor production process and low quality, which is difficult to compete in the market competition. Large producers with advanced production technology and scale effect have a clear advantage in the market.

In order to ensure the safety of enamelled copper wire, manufacturers must pass a series of tests before they can obtain the production license. This includes undergoing an inspection by the state-level supervision and management department, passing the United States UL safety standard test, obtaining European Union ROHS environmental protection certification, and complying with other national standards. These requirements are in line with the national strategy and the development of the manufacturing industry.

Copper enamelled wires are available in different grades and sizes. There are also different types of insulation. They can be categorized according to their temperature class, electrical insulation class, and thermal conductivity. For example, there is EmTherm 180, which is polyesterimide enameled copper wire that belongs to the H thermal class. It can be manufactured in the diameter range of 0.05 - 3.00 mm.

The main materials used in the production of enamelled copper wire are electrolytic copper and copper rod. Copper is a high-quality raw material with a very strong corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity and excellent workability. In addition, it is a relatively economical material. The high demand for enamelled copper wires in the power industry has increased the production of this type of product.

In the future, the industry will continue to grow because of the power industry's focus on clean energy, intelligence and structural optimization. This will help drive the long-term growth of the power industry, which in turn will support the growth of the enamelled copper wire industry.

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