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Precautions for aluminum enameled wire during dip soldering

1. Aluminum enameled wire must be stripped. The stripping method can be mechanical (paint stripper, paint scraping) and chemical (paint stripping water, paint stripping powder). It is recommended to use chemical stripping and chemical stripping. After that, the solder joints must be fully rinsed; try not to use mechanical methods to remove the paint to prevent the aluminum wire from scratching, resulting in burrs, and weakening the toughness; do not use high-temperature tin hot paint.

2. To connect the aluminum enameled wire to the lead, the aluminum wire should be wound on the outside of the copper lead in a small arc, which can reduce the false welding phenomenon and improve the welding strength.

3. Different soldering temperature should be used for different tin: our company's special aluminum tin bar, the soldering temperature is 330 degrees; the ordinary lead-free tin bar, the soldering temperature is about 285 degrees; the leaded tin, the soldering temperature is 265 degrees. As the melting point of aluminum is relatively low, it is easy to melt into the tin pot. Therefore, our company recommends that when welding smaller diameter aluminum enameled wires (below 0.4mm), the temperature should be controlled within 300℃ to reduce the melting speed of aluminum wires and prevent aluminum The thread becomes brittle. Do not use high temperature soldering.

4. Due to the instability of aluminum, it is recommended to remove the paint immediately and solder immediately. Do not let the ends of the aluminum enameled wire after the paint be exposed to the air for too long to prevent oxidation and facilitate welding. Generally speaking, welding must be done within 5 hours after the paint is removed. , If there is no welding, it needs to be cut off and stripped again.

5. The manufacturer can set the paint stripping length according to the welding length, that is, how long the welding is to remove the paint, and do not expose the aluminum to the air to bury hidden dangers in the solder joints.

6. When dip soldering, gently shake 2-3 times in the tin pot to avoid air bubbles.