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Polyesterimide Enameled Aluminum Wire

Polyesterimide Enameled Aluminum Wire is a kind of enamel wire which is used for electrical equipment. It has copper and aluminum as conductor material. The coating on the conductor is made from a special type of polyester called polyimide. This is a tough, durable, high-temperature resistant and chemically stable material. It is also flame retardant and has a good sheen. These characteristics make this wire ideal for use in a variety of applications.
The curing of the enamel is done in an oven that reaches a high temperature. During this process, the solvents in the liquid enamel are driven out. This is an important step because if the solvents remain in the enamel layer, they will degrade it. The result is that the mechanical and electrical properties of the enameled wire will be reduced.
This process must be carefully controlled to ensure that all the solvents are removed from the enamel. Otherwise, the coating on the conductor will not be hard enough and the enameled wire will not have good insulation properties.
ELEKTRISOLA produces various types of polyester and polyamideimide enamels with different thermal classes. These enamels are used to coat the wires in electric motors, refrigeration equipment, transformer windings and fluorescent lamp ballasts.
There are several ways that these polyester and polyamideimide enamels can be combined with a self bonding coat such as Polyvinylbutyral or Polyamide. Some of the combinations have very good heat and chemical resistance while others are better suited for direct soldering or welding. The ELEKTRISOLA product portfolio also includes the I220-enamelled copper wire and ML240(c)-enamelled aluminium magnet wire. These products have the best thermal and chemical properties and are used for electrical equipment like electric motors, industrial motors and air conditioning systems.
These insulated wires have excellent tensile strength, high electrical properties and high sheen. They can be coated with an epoxy resin or with a polyester-imide paint. This is important because the coating can be modified to improve certain desired characteristics, such as resistance to chemicals.
These wires have the advantages of being light in weight, low resistance and good sheen. They can also withstand heavy loads and are resistant to corrosion. They are mainly used in motors, precision electronics and telecommunication equipment. The disadvantages of these wires are that they have poor moisture resistance and low thermal shock resistance. However, these problems can be overcome by adjusting the production technology and by changing the oven temperature. By doing so, the insulating properties of the polyester and polyamideimide enamels can improve significantly. These improvements are important to the success of this kind of enamel wire. This can help to ensure that these cables are able to deliver the power needed to meet your electrical needs. They are available from several manufacturers and can be bought online. The key to finding a quality supplier is to research the options available to you. It is also wise to consult with experts who can offer you the right type of enameled wire for your specific application.