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Multi-strand enameled wire: Sources of enameled wire exhaust

Enameled wire is the main raw material for electric motors, electrical appliances and other products. Enameled wire in the production process, will produce a certain amount of organic waste gas. The main components of the exhaust gases are benzene, toluene, xylene, non-methane total hydrocarbons and other organic exhaust gases. These organic exhaust gases have a certain impact on the surrounding environment. Enameled wire exhaust gas comes from organic solvent volatile organic exhaust gas. Organic solvents are used to dilute paint to lubricate the surface of beautiful objects, but organic solvents are volatile and cannot adhere to the surface of objects with paint for a long time. It is released during the drying process of spraying to form organic exhaust gas.

Enameled wire exhaust gas characteristics.

Colorless, irritating, dissipated into the atmosphere with the airflow, can be breathed through the human body or directly affect the human body, the human respiratory system, blood, heart and lungs, liver, mucous membranes, eyes, nerves and other forms of damage, but also through the skin directly harm people.

1、Confirm the project before application Before using the enameled wire on the machine, pay attention to check whether the type and standard of the enameled wire meet the requirements to prevent abnormalities.

2、Project handover process should be noted

Because the enameled wire film is very thin, it is easy to be damaged by sharp objects, so in the transfer process, be careful to prevent collision to form enameled wire damage.


First of all, the integrity of the enameled wire box should be maintained to prevent damage to the enameled wire box contamination; enameled wire should generally be stored away from dust, metal fragments, moisture and sunlight.

Enameled wire

4, the winding process considerations

(1) winding process wear due to the surface of the enameled wire is a layer of insulating film, through the corners of metal objects, so the winding process must pay attention to mechanical equipment and enameled wire contact part, and minimize the external force on the enameled wire; to prevent damage to the paint film.

(2) mechanical stripping method: such as paint stripping device.

5、Remove the enamel film

(1) burning method: such as alcohol lamp burning method. (2) mechanical stripping method: such as paint stripping device. Next:Enameled wire manufacturers: enameled copper wire decalcification Z new method Z recently viewed.