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Multi-core enameled wire operation steps

Although the quality of enameled wire depends on the quality of raw materials such as paint and transmission lines and the objective conditions of mechanical equipment at a very large level, if the actual operation does not seriously complete a series of problems such as cake baking, quenching, and speed, and understand them Internal connection, not grasping the technicality of actual operation, not worrying about doing a good job in touring performances and parking arrangements, not doing a good job in processing technology and environmental sanitation, even if the objective reasons are good, high-quality enameled wire cannot be produced. Therefore, the decision-making element of doing a good job of enameled wire is people, and it is people's sense of mission in work.
1. Catalytic combustion device warm air circulation system Before driving the enameling machine, the centrifugal fan must be turned on to make the gas in the furnace circulate the system at a slow speed. The furnace and the catalytic reaction zone are heated by electric heating, so that the temperature of the catalytic reaction zone reaches the required light-off temperature of the metal catalyst.
2. "Sanqin" and "Three Checks" in actual production operations.
1) Measure the paint film every hour, and check the zero position of the micrometer card before the measurement. When measuring the line, the micrometer and the line are persistently at the same speed, and the large line should be measured in two mutually vertical directions. 
2) Regular school line platoon   often research the round-trip line and the support force is tight, and immediately review. Check whether the grease is moderate. 
3) Look at the surface frequently. Frequently investigate whether the enameled wire has any potential safety hazards during the entire coating process, such as particles, paint drop, etc., to find out the reason and review it immediately. For the unsatisfactory goods in the car, immediately move off the axle. 
4) Check operation   check whether all running parts are normal, pay attention to the tightness of the pay-off shaft, to prevent rolling head, disconnection and cable wire diameter thinning.  
5) Check three degrees   according to the processing technology regulations, check the temperature, speed, and viscosity. 
6) Check the raw materials. During the whole production process, pay attention to whether the raw materials meet the technical standards. Enameled wire
3. In the actual operation of enameled wire production, attention should also be paid to the occurrence of explosion and fire problems. There are several types of fire roasting conditions:    one is all-round fire roasting in the whole furnace, usually caused by the relative density of all steam in the furnace section is too large or the temperature control is too high; the second is due to the upper part of the two wires when the wires are installed. Too much paint caused the two wires to catch fire. To prevent fire roasting, firstly, we must strictly control the temperature control of the processing technology, and secondly, we must make the furnace naturally ventilated smoothly.
4. Finishing after parking   The key to finishing after parking is to remove the old glue from the furnace mouth, clean the paint tank and guide wheel, and do a good job in the cleaning and sanitation of the enameling machine and the surroundings. In order to better persist in the cleaning of the paint tank, if you do not drive afterwards, you should cover the paint tank with paper to prevent the introduction of unclean materials.