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Enameled wire manufacturers: classification of fire problems

In the process of enameled aluminum wire processing, attention should be paid to the occurrence of explosion and fire problems, which can be roughly divided into three categories:
1. The furnace is full of fire, generally because the relative density of the steam in the furnace section is too large, or the furnace temperature is too high.​​
2. When the enameled aluminum wire is installed, the amount of paint on some lines is too much, which causes the aluminum wire to catch fire.​​
3. For fires caused by furnace ventilation, the temperature of the processing furnace should be strictly controlled to ensure smooth ventilation.​​
The enameled aluminum wire can be welded with optional terminal riveting or solder wire welding, but no matter which method is used, the enameled aluminum wire must be desoldered. Common problems of enameled aluminum wire welding are as follows:
1. Removing the paint surface At this stage, many factories use high-temperature tinning, but after ironing, some aluminum wires will turn yellow and black, and soldering wires cannot be applied; some use a paint baking machine, due to high-speed friction and high temperature, so after baking On the one hand, the cable diameter of the aluminum wire is damaged. On the other hand, the surface of the aluminum wire after baking is black, the air oxidation is more serious, and it is not easy to tin.​​
2. Interface mode When the enameled aluminum wire is riveted with the terminal, the air oxidation speed of the aluminum wire is faster. In addition, the potential difference between copper and aluminum is very large, and it is easy to cause potential corrosion in the whole process of power supply, and the contact resistance increases slowly, resulting in no electricity.​​
Solder wire welding should also pay more attention, because the temperature of the electric iron cannot be very high, so it is easy to cause false spray welding, the surface looks very smooth, but it is actually wrapped inside. In addition, the flux cannot be evaporated in a short time, and there will be a large amount of carbonized flux residue during spot welding.​​
Classification of enameled aluminum wire stripping methods
Many customers need to strip paint when purchasing painted aluminum wire. The following is the classification of paint stripping aluminum wire:
1. Incoming material inspection paint Special paint remover: 130 and 155 grade coated aluminum wire. Concentrated sulfuric acid: various aluminum enameled wires.​​
2. Remove paint during use
Special paint remover: 130 and 155 coated aluminum wire.​​
Paint peeling salt: all kinds of aluminum wire.​​
Mechanical paint removal: Large painted aluminum wire specification.