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Choose different magnet wire for proper use and remove enamel from magnet wire

Electromagnetic wire is widely used in our daily life, but its most important application is in various motors, instruments and meters.

The derivative / new products of wire and cable are mainly due to the requirements of application occasions, different application requirements, convenience of equipment and reduction of equipment cost, etc., but the use of new materials, special materials, or change the product structure, or improve the process requirements, or will be different Variety of products are combined and produced.

Use different materials such as flame-retardant cables, low-smoke halogen-free / low-smoke low-halogen cables, termite-proof, mouse-proof cables, oil-resistant / cold-resistant / temperature-resistant cables, etc .; change the product structure such as fire-resistant cables; improve the process Requirements such as: medical cables, etc .;

Combination products such as: OPGW, etc .;

Easy to install and reduce equipment cost such as: prefabricated branch cable, etc.

Wire and cable is a product that transmits electromagnetic energy, information and realizes the conversion of electromagnetic energy.

There are many types of electromagnetic wires. Nowadays, as we can choose to make reasonable distribution of its materials according to our different needs, choosing the most suitable type of our electromagnetic wire has greatly improved its life and working efficiency in use.

Generally, the wrapping method of the electromagnetic wire mainly includes all overlapping wrapping and all gap wrapping; usually, the innermost and outer two layers overlap wrapping, and the remaining layers wrap around. In the production process of the enameled wire, the polycondensation and curing of the enamel and the evaporation of the solvent are carried out at the same time, and the odor and air pollution caused by the evaporation of the solvent in the amount.

The electromagnetic wire is a certain number of enamelled copper flat wires combined into two rows with wide surfaces in contact with each other, and the same direction is transposed along the narrow surface above and below the two rows of enameled flat wires as required, and then an electrician is used. Insulation paper and rope or tape are used as continuous winding wires.

How to remove enamel on the magnet wire enameled wire is generally divided into the following three methods according to different conditions, equipment and needs.

1. For ordinary thin wires, soldering iron placed at 400 degrees Celsius can be directly tinned. For thick wire, we do not recommend the fire roasting method, which will cause the electromagnetic wire oxidation to affect its properties, and it will be found that there will be some pores on the surface of the tin.

2. We can also apply rosin to the broken end of the enameled wire, and put the cross section into the soldering iron to melt the tin. The cross section is not enameled so the tin is quickly applied, and the surrounding of the cross section will also increase with the temperature without dependence Under enamel and tin, we only need to control the temperature.

3. Here, we recommend the third kind of enamel. The professional qualified enamel does not cause any damage or corrosion to the metal. It can quickly go out of the enamel surface of the electromagnetic wire. The removed enamel surface is blocky, not There will be undesirable consequences or residues on the surface of the electromagnetic wire. After the enamel is removed, the core wire has excellent solderability, and it is now used in many industrial manufacturing sites for batch processing. It has now largely replaced the old knife scraping method, in terms of cost and effect. The above is also a great leap.