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How long is 1 kg enameled wire

First find the volume of 1m enameled wire copper and lacquer, V total = π*(1.070/2)^2*1000=899.202(mm3), V copper=π*(1.000/2)^2*1000=785.398(mm3), V Lacquer = V total-V copper = 113.804 (mm3),

Is the paint liquid water? What is the density of the paint? Water is 1, and the enameled wire paint is dry paint, so calculate the enameled wire density p=(Vcopper*pcopper+Vlace*place)/Vtotal=(785.398*8.98+113.804*1.375)/899.202

=8.018(mg/mm3) 1kg=10^6mg, 1kg enameled wire length=10^6/8.018/899.202=138.700(m)

Weight of 1m enameled wire=(V copper*p copper+V paint*p paint)=785.398*8.98+113.804*1.375=7209.355 (mg), so 1km enameled wire weighs 7.209kg

The copper ratio is: V copper*p copper/(V copper*p copper+V paint*p paint)=785.398*8.98/(785.398*8.98+113.804*1.375)=97.83%

Regarding the utilization rate of paint, please decide for yourself whether the utilization rate of dry paint or wet paint, because the configuration of paint is not involved in the process, the amount of paint does not affect this question.