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Enamelled wire precautions, check and improve the quality of conduction

What are the fire conditions of enameled wire?

1. Because the vapor density of the cross section of the furnace is too large or the temperature of the furnace is too high, the entire furnace is burned.

2. Due to the excessive amount of paint on several threads, when the thread is threaded, the fire caused by too much paint.

Therefore, in the production of enameled wire, the temperature of the process furnace must be strictly controlled, and the ventilation of the furnace must be ensured smoothly.

Enameled wire as a winding wire, which need to pay attention to during the winding process

1. To avoid abrasions during the winding process, because the surface of the enameled wire has an insulating film, it is easy to be scratched by the edges of metal objects. Therefore, pay attention to the contact between mechanical equipment and the enameled wire during the winding process. Minimize the external force on the enameled wire and reduce the harm to the paint film.

2. The tension of the reel during winding should be appropriate. During the winding process, in order to reduce the change of the performance of the enameled wire, the tension it bears should be small.

After the enameled wire is manufactured, each reel of the enameled wire needs to be inspected for size, surface, cable and label. There is also a need to simulate some tests to make preliminary judgments. For example, a small specification grasps a thread with both hands and pulls it firmly. You can use your hand to touch the surface of the thread for hairiness. If there is hairiness, it indicates the elasticity of the paint film Not good, and large-size wires are folded in half to see if the bends are cracked.

Enameled wire is mass produced in household appliances and instruments. First, the insulation on the conductive cable should be stripped so that the cable can be processed in the next step. Traditional peeling techniques include mechanical peeling, chemical peeling, and hot stamping peeling. However, each method has related problems, such as damaged conductors. Slow processing speed; low accuracy; poor quality. It is well known that manual and semi-automatic mechanical, chemical or hot stamping demolding is difficult to guarantee demolding quality.

However, in the strict manufacturing application field, a non-destructive, high-precision, high-speed stripping technology is required. Traditional stripping methods have their own drawbacks. With the development of science and technology, as a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China, Innovative Laser has made unremitting efforts to explore and develop laser strippers. Laser wire stripping machine uses laser wire stripping insulation, which is a new application of laser in material processing. It has the advantages of fast stripping speed, high precision, and accurate control of the stripping process. It can selectively strip nonmetallic insulation layers without contacting metal conductors due to light energy.