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Enamelled Copper Wire Suppliers

Enamelled Copper Wire, also known as Baked Enameled Wire or Magnet Wire, is a variety of winding wire consisting of copper as the conductor and an insulating layer. It is used in a wide range of applications, including motors, transformers and household appliances.

Enamel Coated Copper Wire is characterized by high conductivity, excellent mechanical and electrical properties, good bending resistance, and low surface temperature. The copper core is typically annealed to increase its ductility and then painted with an enamel coating for insulation and protection. The enamel is typically cured at elevated temperatures, which helps ensure that it retains its strength and durability.

Baked enamel wire is available with a variety of sheathing materials, including natural silk, nylon and ketron. Natural silk is commonly used as it is a high conductivity and flexible sheath material that enables the sheath to move with the coil during operation, which can help improve reliability and reduce damage. Nylon and ketron are also flexible sheath materials that can be used to provide flexibility for voice coils, actuator coils, and small motors.

The insulated sheath on Baked Enameled Copper Wire also provides an important barrier to the transfer of vibration and heat between the copper core and the surrounding sheath. This can help to keep the core cool and protect the enamel from abrasion and corrosion, which can cause premature failure of the wire.

A key feature of Baked Enameled Copper Wire is its ability to be wound without tangling. This makes it ideal for use in applications where space is limited, such as motors and electrical generators. Additionally, the insulating layer of Baked Enameled Copper Wire can withstand high winding speeds, which is beneficial in applications where large amounts of power are being transmitted through the coil.

In addition, the insulating sheath of Baked Enameled Copper Wire also exhibits a low coefficient of friction, which can further improve the performance of the coil. The low coefficient of friction allows the wire to be wound more easily, which can save time and resources for manufacturers.

Lastly, the industrial upgrading of downstream household appliances, new energy vehicles and electronic components industry also creates broad space for the demand of enamelled wire. In particular, the 13th five-year plan of China supports the traditional electric power industry to invest in industrial upgrading and promotes high-end equipment manufacturing, which will directly drive the demand for enamelled wire.

The main challenges facing the industry are the fierce market competition, high production fee and low profit level. The industry must focus on improving production efficiency and quality, lowering production cost and expanding product structure to enhance market share and profit level. In addition, the industry must continue to optimize soldering processes and reduce maintenance costs through selective and hermetically sealed flux application systems and low oxide minimization technology. EUTECT offers soldering systems for Enamelled Copper Wire that combine modularity, automation and integration to eliminate the need for manual mechanical stripping. These systems can reduce maintenance time by up to a factor of 10, while optimizing soldering performance, and reducing costs through hermetically sealed flux circuits that significantly reduce oxide accumulation on the surface of the copper.