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Enameled wire

Electromagnetic induction is the cornerstone of the operation of motors, generators and transformers. The principle of rotation or linear motion of this type of electrical rotating equipment is that the current passes through the copper wire/aluminum wire and the coil to form an electromagnetic field, generating mutually repelling forces.

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of this kind of rotating equipment, the surface of the copper wire or aluminum wire should be coated with multiple enameled wire paint as an insulating layer before it can be wound. The enameled wire coating can avoid short circuits and other electrical failures, and prevent electromagnetic induction field failures and machine failures.
According to different final application methods, enameled wire paint has many characteristics such as high temperature resistance, strong mechanical stability, good elasticity, superior chemical resistance/moisture resistance, etc., ensuring the long-term service life of insulating materials.

Huzhou Fuda Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. provides various high-performance enameled wires for coil layers. Our products include PEW Class 130 QZL-1 Polyester Enameled Aluminum Winding Wire,
PEW/155 QZL-1 Degree 0.25mm- 5mm Enameled Aluminum Round Wire,
UEW 2UEW 3UEW QZY Class 180 Polyurethane Enameled Copper Round Wire etc.

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