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Enameled wire manufacturers explain how to prevent water from entering the cable

The cable end should be sealed and sawed off from the cable end. Regardless of stacking or laying, plastic seals (using special cable glands) should be used to prevent moisture penetration.

2. After laying the wire, the cable head must be placed in time.

3. When purchasing cables, you must choose a manufacturer with good quality. Since impurities, air holes, etc. in the insulation layer are the starting point of water trees, the quality of cables is very important to prevent water trees from aging.

4. Strengthen the management of the production process of the cable head. Once the cable is in the water, the earliest breakdown phenomenon is often the cable head. Therefore, making the cable head well can prolong the overall life of the cable. When the cable strips the semiconducting layer, it leaves some marks on the semiconducting layer, and then strips the semiconducting like sugar cane stripping. However, when using a knife, if you pull it too far, you can damage the insulation and create a chance for water trees. Also, in soldering, since no power source is found, the torch will be used directly to melt the solder. At this time, the flame will damage the copper shielding layer and insulation layer, so this phenomenon should be eliminated. The way to configure the UPS correctly is because the time it takes to solder is usually only 10 minutes, but the power is only 500W.

5. It adopts cold-shrinkable cable head and cold-shrinkable silicone rubber cable accessories, which are easy to make, no need to blow the lamp, and no solder. Silicone rubber cable accessories are elastic and firmly fixed on the cable, which overcomes the disadvantages of heat-shrinkable materials (heat-shrinkable materials are not elastic, and there will be a gap between the cable body and the cable body during the thermal process) The expansion and contraction of the cable, This aids in the development of water trees).

6. PVC plastic double-wall corrugated pipe The pipe is corrosion-resistant, with smooth inner wall, good strength and toughness. Therefore, when the cable is directly buried, damage to the sheath of the cable can be greatly reduced.