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Enameled Aluminum Round Wire

You can find a variety of advantages of enameled aluminum round wire when compared to copper or steel wire. For starters, the metal is comparatively cheaper. Also, its durability and resistance to corrosion are better than the former. Enameled wire is also available in a variety of colors. And, in most cases, you can find it at a lower price. However, copper wire is more expensive, and it can lead to solder corrosion. So, if you're looking for a wire that is cheaper and durable, this is the way to go.

The present invention has a high-tech production process, which is based on novel paint. In addition, it varies the oven temperature and production technology to produce 200 grade enamel-covered wire. This wire also solves the common problems of domestic big specification enamel-covered wire, such as cracking and tackiness. Besides, it has good cold and high-temperature resistance and good hot property. Besides, it can be used for various applications.

A common application for enameled aluminum round wire is the winding of electric motors and transformers. These wires are often made of oxygen-free aluminum rods and are wound into a cylinder or a coil. The resulting coils generate a magnetic field when an electric charge is applied. Enameled aluminum round wire is also a common material in automobiles, industrial machines, and home appliances. Various sizes and shapes of these wires allow them to be used for a variety of purposes.

Before ordering enameled wire, make sure it meets quality requirements. Ensure that the manufacturer meets all relevant local and global quality standards. Furthermore, it should be safe to use. To get the best quality wire, compare different brands and vendors. Make sure the suppliers offer reliable customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, they will be happy to answer them. So, don't hesitate to contact them and ask for further details.

Enameled aluminum Round wire is a durable and versatile material that can handle the harshest conditions. For example, it is widely used in ballasts and other electrical equipment, compressor motors, microwave ovens, electric stoves, and television sets. Moreover, it is widely used in a variety of transformers and electronic coil motors.

If you're looking for an enameled aluminum Round wire, it's essential to understand its basic specifications. The minimum film thickness should match the nominal diameter of the larger conductor. Tensile strength and elongation at break should also be within the values given in Table 3, although resilience is not specified in the standards. Enameled aluminum Round wire is not prone to cracking after winding, as long as it has a smooth surface.