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Electric motor winding method

Motor winding, motor model, power, number of magnetic pole pairs, stator slot number, connection form (Y or △) and voltage are different. The wire diameter, number of turns, coil circumference, etc. are different.

High-voltage motors need to choose diimide, monoimide, single thin double wire and other specifications of silk-covered flat wire according to the voltage level. After the materials are available, they can be wound on the winding machine to form a shuttle into a circle. Generally, the shortest coil of the motor is The linear part is 25 cm, and the maximum coil linear part is 1.2 meters. The winding can be single horizontal winding, single vertical winding, double horizontal transposition winding, or double horizontal transposition vertical winding, according to specific requirements. The round enameled wire coil can also be wound by the universal adjustment in the disc.

The winding machine has a built-in speed-adjusting motor and a turbo vortex reducer, which drives the winding machine to achieve a forward, reverse and brakeable rotation of 0-120 rpm, and can count forward and backward, generally 1600KW The various motor coils within are also equipped with a set of simple tensioners, which can control the tightness of the winding coils. General repairers can choose the above products. If they encounter special large specifications, they can choose special windings. equipment.

How to wind the motor

If the motor is repaired and the old wire is removed, note the number of turns of each slot, measure the diameter of the wire, then clean the slot, put insulating paper on it, lay the wire handle, lower it into the slot, and then seal it with a bamboo stick. New off-line, you can check the wire diameter and number of turns according to the data of the stator.

If the motor without data is offline, calculate the magnetic flux Gauss based on the quality of the silicon steel sheet, then calculate the V/A/turn based on the magnetic pole width of the stator and the length of the slot depth, multiply the voltage to calculate the required number of turns, and then calculate the required number of turns according to the slot Calculate the wire diameter from the area of ​​the opening, and complete the off-line according to the above method, then pre-drying, then dipping and drying to complete. Then determine the power of the motor according to the current allowed by the wire diameter.