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Composite Enameled Copper Wire with a Thin Layer

Copper wires insulated with a thin layer of resin or enamel. Often referred to as Magnet Wire, it is used in construction of electric motors, solenoids, relays, transformers and other devices that use electromagnetics. It is also used in audio inductors/chokes, electrical noise filters and as a coil for electromagnets. It comes in many sizes, with varying diameters and thicknesses, making it suitable for all applications that require tight coils of insulated copper wire.
Scott Precision Wire supply a range of enamelled copper wires in different sizes and finishes. All are able to withstand high temperatures up to 210degC and can be coated in a variety of colours and conductor designs, making them ideal for many different uses. The enamel coating also provides excellent moisture resistance, which is especially important when the cable needs to be used in damp or wet conditions such as windings in oil filled transformers and oil immersed motors.
Enameled Copper Wire is widely used in refrigerator compressor, special motor, and various electrical appliance etc. The product has good thermal shock resistance, high refrigerant resistance, severe cold resistance, radiation resistance and overload capacity. Its chemical stability and excellent electrical properties make it a very popular material for windings in industrial and home appliances, motors and power tools.
The enameled copper wire is manufactured on automatic machines using a high quality bare copper conductor and multi-step drawing process that ensures consistency of the enameled copper conductor in terms of both thickness and surface finish. The enamel is applied to the conductor in several coats, each of which is cured by heat. A lubricant is used to ensure smooth operation of the machine during the enamelling process, and tension control is critical to prevent unwound wires and tangled wires.
In this research, a silica nanoparticle-PEI nanocomposite enameled wire was fabricated. The SN2 synthesis and dispersion in the PEI varnish were achieved using a horn-type sonicator. The resulting enameled wires were subjected to the surge endurance test. The results showed that the addition of SN2 to the PEI varnish enhanced its surge resistance, and the breakdown time increased significantly.
The spooling process is controlled by an advanced monitoring system that keeps track of all important parameters and alerts the operator in case of problems. This allows the wire to be wound correctly, without any trapped or tangled wires, and it also helps to avoid abrasions. This ensures that all our customers receive the best quality products, which are always delivered on time and at the right price. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and find out more about our range of products. We can provide any quantity, from one off samples to large bulk orders backed by our huge stock and years of experience. We’re ready to help you with all your enamelled copper wire needs. Whether you need high quality, cost effective solutions or technical support in selecting the right materials for your application. Our team is always available to advise and assist you.