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Causes and treatment of yellowing of enameled copper wire

Enameled wire is especially important for the selection of copper wire, if a little carelessness may cause a safety accident.

Causes and treatment of yellowing of copper wire in some enameled wires

The yellowing of the enameled copper wire is usually due to the following reasons:

1. The temperature of the tin furnace is too high, and the fluidity is large, resulting in too large pinholes in the coating and fast penetration of copper and tin

2. Tin layer is too thin, copper and tin penetrate quickly

3. There are too many halogen residues in the flux, and the copper surface is not sufficiently pickled

4. The packaging time is too fast, the heat is not dissipated, and there are too many impurities in the tin furnace

5. The quality of copper material is not enough, there are too many impurities

6. The temperature has an effect on the activity of copper atoms. Hot days turn yellow faster than cold days.

These problems can be solved in the following ways:

1. Mold aperture> warp +0.02mm (the purpose is very simple and the plating layer is not too thin);

2. Place it for about 2 hours after production and then package it (purpose: internal heat dissipation);

3. Purchase good flux and match the flux concentration, mainly because the flux affects the quality of tin plating;

4. Pick better oxygen-free copper wire.