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Composite Enameled Copper Round Wire

If you've been considering purchasing a piece of Polyamide-Nylon Composite Enameled Copper Round Wire, you've come to the right place. The following information will help you choose the ideal wire for your project. The nominal diameter should be 0.063mm or larger, and the wire's resistance must be in the Appendix C range. The elongation at break should be no less than Table 4. The intermediate diameter of the wire's nominal diameter shall be taken from the value for the larger conductor.

The test method used in manufacturing PIN-Enamelled Copper Round Wire shall include the use of a standard solvent. The paint layer is scratched with a pencil of "H" hardness. Similarly, the enameled wire must meet the requirements for room temperature and high temperature. The temperature of the high temperature test can be found in the relevant product standard. A minimum conductor diameter of 0.100 mm or less must not breakdown when exposed to voltages of the minimum value specified in Table 8.

The paint of Polyimide is the most heat-resistant enameled wire in the world, capable of reaching a temperature of 220 deg C. The main advantages of this polyamide-Nylon Composite Enamelled Wire are its high heat resistance, chemical resistance, and solvent and frost resistance. However, its toxicity makes it unsuitable for general use in China. This type of paint is also not as easy to work with as PIN-Nylon, and therefore it is mainly used in the European Union.

Currently, the production of PIN-Nylon Composite Enamelled Copper Round Wire in China has increased significantly since the 1970s. It has largely replaced the polyester enameled wire with a single layer of coating.The Direct Solderable Polyesterimide Wire simplifies the welding process and is even used in small motor windings.

PIN-Nylon Composite Enamel Wire offers many advantages over traditional Copper Enamel. It is highly durable and offers a superior level of insulation. It has exceptional windability and heat shock resistance, and is available in gauges from 14 to 30 AWG. It is a good choice for automotive relays and dry type transformers. It also exhibits low coefficient of friction. This wire is a good choice for automotive armatures.