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Aluminum Magnet Wire - A Preferable Option

Aluminum is a popular metal that has emerged as a preferred alternative to other metals for manufacturing magnetic wires. It is highly useful in industries where high performance power supplies are required. There are several manufacturers of this metal who provide magnet wire of different gauge and diameters. The magnetic wire is manufactured in various shapes, sizes and weight. They are mostly used to carry out a number of functions. Some of the commonly used industries include aerospace, medical, communications, automobile, railway, and household electrical and electronic appliances.

The material which is used for manufacturing aluminum magnet wire products is an alloy of aluminum or steel. The common products produced by these companies are: 240 class conductor, radial insulated conductor, round conductor, tubular and tapered insulated conductor, plate insulated conductor, PVC coated and sleeved dielectric aluminum enamel. The aluminum enameled wire is also available in different forms. One of them is the aluminum-coated wire which has been extensively used in different applications. These are formed into a specific shape by pressing the aluminum into a mold. Another form is the aluminum ionic conductor.

It is one of the most widely used varieties. The other materials from which it is made are the flat coil and the round coil wires. The flat coil wire is manufactured from two complementary wires. One of them is copper and the other one is aluminum magnet wire. They are both manufactured into a similar shape but both of them have distinct features. These two varieties are coated with polyester (amide) overcoating.

This new magnet wire is manufactured to have similar electrical properties as the enamel coated magnet wire but this metal variety is much lighter. Due to the coating on them, this metal variety does not rust easily and they are corrosion resistant. Another unique feature of this metal variety is that they have excellent electrical and magnetic properties. They are also flexible and they can be bent into the desired shapes.

For electrical applications, the aluminum can enameled wire coated wire can be used for internal applications as well. In fact, these varieties have been very popular among electrical engineers and technicians. They can be used to create the right diameter shielded wires. Thus, you can use this variety to make the necessary wires or cables.

The aluminium magnet wire manufacturers also offer this wire in different shapes, sizes and configurations. Thus, you can choose any of the shape or size that you need. As far as the electrical applications are concerned, these kinds of enameled wires are best suited for the electrical power distribution. Moreover, these varieties are also used for the electrical components like terminals, fuses and plugs etc. in the various applications.

Aluminum wire manufacturers offer this copper clad wire in a number of different configuration and sizes. You can easily find a number of different sizes in this wire. Thus, you can make sure that you get the ideal enameled wire size for your application. If you need custom-made enameled wire for your application, you can choose from the custom-made offerings that the copper and aluminum Wire manufacturers have. This will help you get the ideal size and configuration that you require for your particular needs.

If you need a wire to be used for the electronic applications, you should go for the wire that has been coated with the high alloy copper. The wire that has been coated with this material is known as the fully-coated wire. Thus, when you are dealing with the Copper Wire Company, you will get excellent quality and meet all the necessary safety standards. Hence, when you are buying this type of wire from the Copper Wire Company, you can ensure that you will always get premium quality and best prices along with easy availability and low retail prices.