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Advantages of Enameled Aluminum Round Wire

The new round enameled aluminum wire with bare copper traces is designed for precision cutting, wire stripping and crimping, soldered joints and soldering various electronic components. The alloy material round enameled aluminum round wire is highly sought after, because of its unique, eye catching, long-lasting and corrosion resistant property. It is used in circuit design applications, aerospace, automotive and marine applications, communications, industrial welding, and microwave and fiber optic applications. The material has the ability to conduct a large current due to its small size and it is used in many industries for these applications.

The material has the ability to resist corrosion, which makes the round aluminum round wire highly useful in places where there is high salt content or moisture. The alloy, enamel, contains hydride which gives it the capability to resist corrosion when moisture seeps into it. Enamel is resistant to fatigue, impact and wear and tear. It is ideal for cutting, wrapping and forming and can be used for exotic and complicated wire configurations.


The material uses nickel alloys to provide the properties that round wire metals are famous for. The alloy, enameled aluminum round wire is commonly available in both stranded and direct wire forms and in a variety of core sizes, gauges and diameters. This enables the user to create a wire wrapping or crimping that works well with their specific applications. This is because the wire is pre-punched and already formed for specific diameter and gauge applications. The wire can also be bent, twisted and wrapped with other materials to create a wide range of complex shapes.

The enameled aluminum round wire features an electrochemical bath that makes it resistant to alkalis and acids. The electrochemical bath protects the wire from damaging chemicals during the process of forming it. This ensures the wire's protection against the harmful effects of abrasions, moisture and corrosives.

The material's electrochemical properties allow it to form various complex shapes. For this reason, it is popular for forming jewelry and electronics components. The ability to form complex shapes has also made it highly popular with wire suppliers who buy various high quality wire products. The wire is formed into hollow tubes with various thicknesses depending on the size and wire gauge needed. This ensures that you buy various high quality wire products and you get the perfect diameter tube that fits the application best.

Since aluminum alloy wire is made from corrosion resistant materials, it is ideal for use in areas that are subject to extreme conditions. It is also easy to handle and form. You can easily wrap and install it without any problems. The ability to perform well under extreme conditions makes it one of the most sought after wire varieties. Since it is less expensive than copper wire and more durable than steel, it is widely used to meet industrial and electrical requirements.

When you buy enameled aluminum wire or enameled copper wire at low prices, you get excellent quality and affordable prices. You can use the wire for multiple applications because of its durability. You can also use it for home applications because of its easy handling and form factor. You can even convert the enameled wire into various other shapes like arches and hoops.

Since copper wire and steel wire are prone to corrosion, they need to be cleaned often and they cannot be left outdoors. With enameled wire, you need not worry about such issues. They will remain clean and corrosion free. Enameled wire can also be protected from rust by wrapping it in acid resistant substances or placing a protective layer over it. To ensure long-lasting performance and durability, you should buy enameled wire only from a trusted supplier.