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Advantages of aluminum enameled wire products

Advantages of aluminum enameled wire:

1. Aluminum enameled wire is easier to make coils than copper enameled wire. Because the surface of aluminum enameled wire has a solid oxide film, it has good insulation effect and long service life.

2. Because the insulation of the aluminum wire coating is good, its heat resistance temperature is 20 ℃ higher than that of the copper wire.

3. The biggest advantage when using aluminum wire is that it is 1/3 lighter than copper wire, which greatly reduces the production cost, and is easy to attach to the fixed object. It can also reduce freight and operation during transportation.

The problem of the service life of electromagnetic wire

1. Adopt reasonable processing technology such as winding and embedding

For frequency conversion motors, there are higher requirements for the quality of the electromagnetic wire and the integrity of the insulation structure. Therefore, the process of winding, embedding, and lashing by some electromagnetic wire suppliers must be strictly managed, especially to prevent damage to the wire during the winding and embedding process, and the slot insulation and phase insulation should be placed in place during the wire embedding process. Phase insulation should be made of materials that are easily penetrated by insulating paint; the coil ends should be strengthened and fixed to ensure that the ends become a whole. The VPI and rotary baking curing process are also used to improve the overall mechanical strength of the insulation structure.

2. Control the length of the connecting cable from the inverter to the motor terminal to avoid partial discharge and extend the life of the motor

As mentioned earlier, due to the impedance mismatch, as the length of the connecting cable increases, the overvoltage amplitude of the motor terminal increases, which helps to cause partial discharge. For this reason, the manufacturers of variable frequency motors should fully understand the various variable frequency power supplies used, determine the limit length of the connecting cable, and inform the user to minimize the overvoltage amplitude at the motor end, avoid partial discharge, and extend Electromagnetic wire life.

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