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Copper enameled wire: does water quality have an effect on the enameled wire?

Enameled wire production water also has a variety of uses, likewise, the requirements for water quality are different. According to the use of the purpose of the water quality requirements, can be divided into cooling water for annealing furnace, cooling water for equipment, lubricants manufacturing water.

1, affect the quality of enameled wire.

Enameled wire in the production process, if the particles in the water residue on the copper wire, will lead to the surface of the copper wire is not straight, there are holes; ionic impurities of pollution will increase the surface charge density of copper wire, resulting in a decline in the electrochemical properties of the oxide layer, thus affecting its parameters. In the process of stretching, these impurities adsorbed copper wire, will spread to the interior of the copper wire, affecting the surface lubrication of the copper wire, resulting in uneven local resistance, easy decomposition and other shortcomings, but also because of the organic oil or water, affecting the role of the coating, poor adhesion of the paint film, resulting in a decline in the parameters of porosity insulation. In particular, CL will be contaminated by damp decomposition, and black spots will appear in high humidity climates, which is the reason for the black spots of enameled wire. Therefore, the perforation of the enamel film and the further invasion of water lead to a decrease in the quality parameters of the enameled wire, which is also the cause of the pressure drop attack.

2, impact mechanical parts.

As is known, in the transmission process of machinery and equipment, in order to ensure that the equipment can continue to work at high speed and metal collision, the equipment must be cooled. If the cooling water contains a large number of impurities, it will occur: equipment contamination, corrosion, scaling, salinization, pipe mud, scaling, scaling. The cooling effect of the equipment is reduced. Equipment damage quickly, maintenance pressure increases, mechanical life decreases, will seriously affect the production power and economic efficiency of the equipment.

Enameled wire production in the annealing furnace tube clogging and guide wheel surface fouling and the accumulation of calcium and magnesium ions in hard water.

3, the impact of lubricating fluid.

Because the impurities in the water, especially the hardness components, will react with the alkaline lubricant, will consume a lot of lubricant, so that its activity is reduced, the effect is reduced, and the deterioration is accelerated. So many manufacturers use pure water in the production of lubrication, the effect is very good.

The quality of washing liquid and cooling water (in direct contact with the product) involved in the product should be strictly controlled, and the higher the diameter of the fine line is required. Mainly controlled by the following levels.

(1) enameled wire, copper wire annealing stop: meet the specifications of first-class distilled water, conductivity of 10 / CM, no CL detection, no hardness.

(2) Mechanical cooling water: softening water table.