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Enamelled Copper Wire - The Main Reason For Its Popularity

Copper wire with its various forms and details has become very popular. These varieties are found in different dimensions and shapes and give great flexibility to the manufacturing industries. This electrical wire variety is known to be very useful due to its several qualities that make it a better conductor. Moreover, its durability is another important quality that makes this wire ideal to be used in varied industrial sectors. Copper wire can be used both for short-run and long-run processes.

If you are searching for copper wire that can be used for industrial as well as household purposes then you will definitely find use for enamelled copper wire. This wire is very useful for the purpose of constructing transformers, motor, lights, coils, valves, fans, generators, inductors etc. The enamelled copper wire comes with an anti-fungal coating that ensures the durability of the wire. Also, the aluminum wire that is enamelled isn't easily corroded. hence, the aluminum wire can be commonly found use in electronic industry, power supply, motor industry, construction industry etc.

Another important area where you will find the utility of enamelled copper wire lies in its application to electrical appliances. Since these types of magnet wires have a very high tolerance towards humidity, heat and water, they are generally found used in cooling systems, humidifiers, air conditioning systems, heating systems etc. Similarly, if you are looking for electrical insulation then you will come across magnet wires for your electrical needs. For instance, if you need electrical wiring for a swimming pool, a heating system or even a workshop, you will certainly find use for these types of magnet wires.

Magnet wires generally possess the property of electrostatically inducing resistance. This property will help them in converting magnetic force into mechanical energy. In this respect, the enamelled copper wire finds use in different industries. In one of the most common industries that uses them is the mechanical energy industry. For example, a person who installs and repairs motors will require these wire to ensure smooth functioning of their industrial machinery.

Moreover, the enamelled copper wire must also possess certain other properties. The wire coated with enamel coating film will help it in enhancing the insulation. This film will create a barrier between the electrically charged metal core and any surface that is applied to it. In this way, the metallic core will be protected against the impact of abrasive materials such as water, soil, sand and metal particles. Also, the film will prevent the growth of bacterial spores around the edges of the coated wire.

Another important property possessed by the enameled wire that will help it perform better than its aluminium wire variant is that the former does not have a thin layer of enamel coating. The electrical conductivity of the metal wire will be higher when it has a thin layer of coating film. The thinner the film, the higher the electrical conductivity of the metallic wire. Consequently, the working life of the magnetic wire will be considerably increased when using this type of material rather than the aluminium one. The thinner film also ensures that there is a proper distribution of magnetic field.

When using the enameled wire, one of the most important factors that have to be considered is the end thermal resistance of the device. A thick but brittle polymer film insulation can easily cause the end of a metallic component to get stuck. This might increase the friction between the two parts. The increase in friction will affect the performance and efficiency of the device as well. The polyimide insulated magnet wire, on the other hand, will not cause any kind of problem when it comes to end thermal resistance.

All the above mentioned properties are the result of the efficient combination of Enamelled Copper Wire and the perfect aluminum or iron core construction. The fact that this type of material does not have any wrapping or sheath around it, ensures its easy attachment to all kinds of objects without any sort of difficulty. Therefore, the device becomes capable of facilitating the safe installation of electrical conductors in all types of environment. This is the main reason why it has been increasingly used in the market for the purpose of motor lubrication in addition to motor mounts. This type of lubricant will ensure the safe functioning of almost all kinds of machines.